About Me

Hi, I am Arnab 👋

👨‍🎓 I am currently a 3rd year UG pursuing my B.tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur. Currently working on the Bitcoin-Core project as a part of the Summer of Bitcoin programme.

👨‍💻 I am a Software Developer with experience in Web Development, Automation, and Content Writing. For the past 2 years, I have worked around an immense variety of technologies and frameworks such as React, Vue in Frontend and Node, Flask, Rails in the Backend.

✨ Currently, I am working on my Data Structures and Algorithms and other Core CS fundamental knowledge. I use C++ as my primary language. I also have intermediate-level experience with Python, JavaScript, and Ruby. I often participate in Competitive Coding contests which aid my problem-solving skills.

💪 I’m always willing to participate in something that helps me learn and grow. From Hackathons to CTFs I love challenging myself and keep improving my skillset.

✍️ I also have a knack for Technical Writing, you can find my articles in Dev.to and my own blogging website @ arnabsen.netlify.app.

I’m always looking forward to learning, collaborate and hopefully make an impact.

▶️ You can always reach out to me at arnabsen1729@gmail.com

▶️ Connect with me at https://linktr.ee/arnabsen

Work Experience/ Internships

  • Summer of Bitcoin 2021

    Summer Of Bitcoin July 2021 – September 2021 Observability means being able to see inside the running systems. It helps in troubleshooting, monitoring, and performance optimizations and plays a big role during development, debugging, code review, and production usage. eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter) has revolutionized the observability landscape in the Linux kernel. With the help of this technology, I am working on improving the current User Statically-Defined Tracing (USDT) support in Bitcoin Core by adding new tracepoints and scripts.

  • Full-Stack Web Developer

    Coronasafe Feb 2021 – Jun 2021

    • Contributing to a health care project based in Kerala called Arike, which is built on Rails, and Rescript React and since it’s in the initial release stage is used by 200+ users. My commits.
    • Involved in bug fixing and UI designing for the project Life which provides covid support, used by 400K+ users. Built using NextJs. My commits
  • Full-Stack Web Developer

    Hollyface August 2020 – October 2020

    • Developed a full-stack website for the company using ReactJS & TailwindCSS in front-end and MongoDB & Express in back-end.
    • Deployed the website to a Amazon Light-Sail server with CI/CD using Github Actions.
    • Optimized the landing page loadtime from 2100ms to sub 700ms improved lighthouse performance up to 97.
  • Software Engineer Intern

    Banbreach April 2020 – August 2020

    • Integrated features like translation, google-auth, etc. in video conferencing app based on Meteor and ReactJS.
    • Created a full-stack E-Commerce Application based on NuxtJs & TailwindCSS in front-end and PostgresQL & Express in back-end.
    • Developed a drag and drop based responsive Website Builder using ReactJS & TailwindCSS.

My Achievements

➡️ Selected for Summer of Bitcoin 2021. Around 55 were selected from 4800+ applicants.

➡️ Best Hardware Hack in SnakesNHackers Hackathon by MLH. The project link is here.

➡️ Secured a rank in the top 24 out of 50,452 applications in CoronaSafe Engineering Fellowship Program by AICTE.

➡️ Ranked 488 in India and 2286 globally in Google Hashcode 2021.

➡️ Top Contributor of WinterOfCode’20 for the organisation DSC-X.

➡️ Leetcode Rating 2006 [handle: mycoding1729] solved 600+ problems.

➡️ Leetcode ranked 431th out of 15000+ in India.

➡️ Codeforces Rating Expert 1614 [handle: arnab1729]

➡️ Codechef Div1 4star 1802 [handle: arnab1729]

➡️ 1003th out of 17k+ in Credit Suisse Global Coding Contest.

➡️ 1st Position in CodeRush 2020 by IEEE-MIT out of 70+ teams.

➡️ Ranked 103 in rgbCTF2020 out of 1034

➡️ My CTF Team 0xw3bs3c was ranked 65th in India according to CTFTime.